The Tulip Fund

Tulip’s story…..“Tulip came to us when a school bus driver found her laying in the road going thru our farm. She was starved and very sunburnt from being left in a cage or tied in the sun. We rushed her to our vet and then started trying to analyze who this pretty girl was and what her story had been. Realized very quickly that she was full of fear about every animal she saw especially dogs. The dog must have been used as a bait dog or lived with very cruel animals allowed to tear her up. Because of her fear, we thought it best to house her in a separate area while we rehabilitate her injuries and try to earn her trust. It was over a week of many tries a day before she felt safe to walk more than a block away from her stall. You could see the panic in her eyes and through her body.

With the assistance of Hope Cogen and Candice King of High Hope Dog Training, Tulip was turned into a beautiful, athletic and healthy dog. My husband Shawn would take her on morning runs and we would work daily on the drills taught by her trainers. Even with all the love and patience, the great traumas she had lived thru in her short life were more than we could turn around. As Tulip became more dedicated to us she became more aggressive when observing other animals. The reality was that she would have destroyed any animal that she witnessed if she had ever been free. In her mind the only way to save herself was to become aggressive to anything and anyone she believed to be her enemy.

After eight weeks, with the evaluation of our vet and animal behaviorists, we made a choice that I will be saddened by for the rest of my life. We knew we had to put down this beautiful and now physically healthy dog because of the mental destruction horrible humans had forced upon her. That is why we created the Tulip Fund. We must start to reduce the numbers of these poor dogs being bred for horrific purposes by spaying and neutering.

Tulip may no longer be alive but her memory and her beauty must never be forgotten,

Karen Waldron

Mountain View Humane’s clinic in Christiansburg, with funding from the Tulip Fund, is offering $20 spay/neuter surgeries for any Pit and Pit mix that live in the NRV*. 

This special $20 rate is even less than MVH’s normal affordable price of $73 for a female dog and $68 for a male. This offer is only available to  pet parents residing in the NRV(*the counties of Montgomery , Floyd, Giles, Pulaski, and the City of Radford) who have a Pit Bull or Pit mix. The campaign is based on availability and has a limited number of appointments available.
For more information or to schedule a spay/neuter appointment, interested persons should visit  or call 1-855-HIP-SNIP.