Have you ever wondered what it was like to volunteer at Mountain View Humane? Take a look at Fox 21/27’s Bob Grebe trying his hand at helping out!
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Mountain View Spay/Neuter offers a meaningful volunteer experience. We are in need of compassionate, focused volunteers across a wide variety of skill sets. We are always looking for, and are always grateful for, volunteers in the following operational capacities:

  • General assistance – general help and support at the clinic or at clinic events, such as doing laundry, wrapping surgery packs, handing out flyers, etc.
  • Administrative – to help with front office work (any day Monday through Friday)
  • Vets – to play key roles at our clinics
  • Vet techs and tech assistants – to assist with surgeries, vaccines, animal care and monitoring
  • Trapping – helping with trapping on the occasions where someone is elderly or disabled and unable to trap themselves
  • Transportation – to transport dogs and cats from caregiver homes to and from our clinics

We can also use volunteer assistance in the broader areas of:

  • Fundraising
  • Outreach and Education
  • PR and Advertising

To volunteer, please contact us at info@mountainviewspayneuter.org or in Christiansburg 540.382.0222 and in Roanoke 540.562.8440.

How to partner – We are always excited to have both business partners as well as humane organizations as partners.  Business partners provide goods, services, or funds for the operation of the clinic.  Humane organizations provide volunteers in their local area to promote the clinic and its mission. If you would like to join us in the fight for a healthier pet population, contact us at info@mountainviewspayneuter.org.